Divorce Cases in Riau During The Year 2010 Was Dominated Educators (Teacher)

Started mingled wonder listening to news. First of all read the lead news, i shocked, but after listening whole news, i was more shocked again. This news is written my brother a radio reporter from Bharabas radio "Joki Wiratno".

This news:
Divorce cases in the Riau province during the year 2010, is high enough, this condition is evidenced by the number of complaints for divorce is entered in the office of Islamic religious courts, the number reached 7500 or 28 cases per day. This was conveyed by the head of Islamic religious affairs Ministry of Religious Affairs Regional Office in Riau Province Zulkifli recently in Pekanbaru. It is said Zulkifli, 78 percent of divorces that occurred, because the defendants who filed for divorce the husband and wife, dominated by educators, with a variety of factors including lack of match with a partner, and the economy in the family.

Responding to this, the Chairperson of Commission III DPRD Pekanbaru Sabarudi high divorce rate among teachers caused a variety of factors, but is expected to seek divorce cases mentioned did not happen, because it will affect the image of educators.

Based on data from the provincial office of the ministry of religion riau, divorce cases that occur among teachers, the majority is caused by the infidelity.
Yes, again and again said the affair became a boomerang to destroy a relationship. No exception for educators. Sometimes wonderer "what axactly it was so beautiful affair of this case became increasingly throught the world". Maybe it's because human nature is no word satisfied. There is an assumption which says that "The grass is greener than grass home". Looks like this is very true when related to the affair. But this where our loyalty as being lovers claimed to love the lack of willing partner and also like that there are advantages.