If Abnormal Menstruation

Abnormal menstrual can make us uneasy. This abnormal shape varies from irregular menstrual cycle, blood volume that is too much or too little or painful menstruation is very terrible. Here's menstrual problems and handling.

The types of pasta

There are many types of pasta are available, but there are three major groups that are typically used. Here are the types of pasta and how to cook it.

Train Your Child For Not Wetting

Oops, the kids still like to bedwetting? If kids his age are still very small taste bedwetting is not a problem. But if he was already started growing it feels uncomfortable to see them still wet. Let mother, anticipating the child bedwetting. What are ya can we do to train your child for not wetting?

Crab Soup: Easy and Nutritious

Last night, with Mom making crab soup. Incidentally my mother to the market in the afternoon and bought 3 heads of crab. For production is easy we both agreed to make the soup course. Moreover Pekanbaru weather is a bit cold after the rain. The following recipe crab soup version me and Mom.

Tips to Overcome Forgetful Habit

Yesterday in the office, my boss frantically looking for her cell phone somewhere where he placed. Not just once, she frantically looking for her stuff. That habit of forgetfulness that is still not able replacement. Actually, this habit can be stopped, if you want. Tips to overcome forgetful habit.

Healthy Food For Healthy Hair and Strong

Having healthy hair is shiny, distant dream of all women. But for that do not have this beauty from birth may be more extra find ways for this remains a beautiful crown one of them through food. In addition, through a healthy diet hair beauty will always be maintained. So what healthy foods are good for hair?

Say NO to Bullier

Live quiet, peaceful and comfortable is the desire of all women with his partner. But sometimes because either one from scratch or from one in the middle, we see male oppressors (bullier). Starting from oppression through words to physical oppression carried out. So should we remain silent against bullier like this guy?

Many Asking: Sign Intellegent Child

Do not judge first baby if they ask many questions. Do not let us tell them "you're really fussy baby. " Many of you asked, baby. Calm Mom, that we are questioning just when the child does not want to ask. What makes smart kids with a lot of ask?

Banana With Meises and Sugar

Are confused about what's for breakfast in the morning. Raw foods at home all kinds, ranging from bananas, sweet potatoes fed yeast, there are sticky rice as well. Since going fast, would make a banana and sugar-dusted meises. How to make it very easy. Just need a little margarine to give effect to dry on the banana. Stay warm bananas and chill briefly, then sprinkle meises or sugar. Breakfast was ready ...

Causes of Bloated Stomach

If you are not currently in the process of having children, it has a bloated stomach becomes a big problem. How not other than unhealthy, bloated stomach too disturbing appearance. Perhaps if you are having a great body potbelly is a problem that often overshadow. However the there is also a normal weight but have a distended abdomen. So, what exactly is the cause og bloated stomatch?

Chocolate to Stay Young

Who likes chocolate? Appoint hands up high, but do it high once :)... already afternoon. If you are like chocolate, there's good news, very nice. Some do not like chocolate? Ow really too bad, because chocolate contains a lot of good. One benefit of a very good chocolate to make youth.

Healthy Eating for Beautiful Skin

Food is also an investment that we do not realize will bring many benefits to the body. The benefits will we get if we always use a healthy diet. One of the benefits of a healthy diet is beneficial for the skin. Surely this is very liked by women. Well what are healthy eating for beautiful skin?

The Kinds Of Tofu

Indonesia is famous for its culinary variety. One of the foods that get a place in the hearts of Indonesian society is to tofu. Many creative dishes that can be made from tofu. Ranging from side dishes to snacks. But turns out also has a diverse species. What kind of knew that there are in Indonesia or even in the world?

Online Shopping Tips

No doubt women are hobbies with shopping activities. Yes the activities of this one was fun. For hours at a shopping center or even the traditional markets do not make us bored. So powerful magnet for this shopping makes us sometimes want to order to each day to explore shopping places there. But sometimes we do not have time to explore places that offer attractive goods due to the activities that should we live to work. Relax, it's a classic problem. With the progress of the age of increasingly sophisticated internet provides everything. Online Shopping, this is the solution that we can do for this one problem. But the problem is that online shopping is as easy as this? Not really, for those of you who first time using it because it added more fraud-prone conceded the possibility of having an account. Well, so online shopping is as convenient as offline shopping, the following tips that we can use.

Tips for Organizing Content Fridge

Refrigerator becomes a friend of the mothers at home. This is because the refrigerator into a preservative for household materials. By entering the food or food ingredients to the refrigerator so the food will hold approximately a few days. In addition, by entering the food into the refrigerator it will further add to the taste sensation of feeling cold. That's why the refrigerator is often likened to market themselves to the household. It turned out that durability depends on the setting contents of the refrigerator. But sometimes the problem is in terms of the arrangement of the fridge. How to organize the contents of the refrigerator is good, the following tips.

Romantic Anniversary Ideas

Maybe now you and your partner will repeat the good times of marriage. Indeed we expect this to revive the romance as the wedding first. No matter how long you are married. But the romance we expect always like the first time they met. That's why we can bring something different when anniversary. So the idea of what we can do for our anniversary a romantic atmosphere?

Cooking tips: Overcoming Salinity Cuisine

Many women want clever process food in the kitchen. No exception of mothers and girls. But what is often an obstacle is fear that if food is processed it becomes very salty. Moreover, a growing stigma in the community if the dish is too salty is a sign of want to get married. Well, how do if a cooking time that we produce salt? The following tips to cope with salinity cuisine.

Wedding Meal Menu

To deliver a memorable event at a wedding reception one that gets our attention is the food that we present. Dishes for a wedding reception is not a perfunctory meal. There are things we have to consider before presenting dish reception. What are the considerations for preparing meals wedding reception?

Special Fried Rice Meat Seasoning

Breakfast was fried rice. It feels awful. This time special seasoning meat fried rice. The meat really tasty, tender. Because the meat is also cut into small pieces. Special because the flavor to make it specially made by my mother.

Stress and Amenorrhoea

Amenorrhoea is the absence of the menstrual cycle in women. Many problems related to menstruation in women. That is why women deserves appreciation because of weight problems that will confront this. Amenorrhoea is one that will disrupt the cycle in women. There is another complaint that will be faced such as menstrual pain that pain is not playing. To be completely healthy women are required to distance themselves from stress. So if there is a relationship between stress and amenorrhea?

The History and Philosophy Of Rendang

Rendang is a dish which originated from the West Sumatera of Indonesia. Rendang is a traditional dish using coconut milk and beef as main ingredient and is equipped with coconut milk, pepper, onion, turmeric leaves and lime leaves. Rendang is also mentioned in many classical Malay literature such as Hikayat Amir Hamzah who proves he is a Malay cuisine since the 1550's.The longer the rendang is cooked it will taste more delicious and the colors will be more black and will increasingly dry.

Tips For Budget Saving Wedding Gown

At present, a wedding gown already offered by many designers have available. This shirt is offered with a variety of costs. Therefore, before deciding to buy or make a wedding gown, which must be prepared is a budget cost. But it never hurts to make budget savings. So how can separately save the budget of this wedding gown?

All about Anti-Aging Skin Care

Anti-aging, this one is a trend discussed. How not, everyone wants to always look younger. If so many people vying to use beauty care products this one. Most probably already familiar with the term anti-aging cream, but it could be some others still lay. Well, it never hurts to know about anti aging skin care.

Indonesian Traditional Herbs Part 1: Anise

It is fitting for us to be proud with wealth that exist in Indonesia. Indonesia is rich in spices to make its own flavor to dishes produced in each dish. For this time we will recognize anise.

Tips For Increasing Milk Production

Breastfeeding is an enjoyable activity. Breastfeeding mother is desperately needed by the child as the main nutrient in the body. Giving the baby exclusively breast milk is very useful for your child's growth. However,  sometimes the production of milk produced few and far from that needed by the baby. In order to increase breast milk there are tips that we can do.

Green Wedding (Eco-Friendly Wedding)

Green wedding or also known as eco-friendly wedding is an effort to save the environment that we can do as an appreciation for the environment. Indeed, this is not an easy thing if we are less concerned about the environment, but with great determination that this will all we can do. What can we do to give a little concern for the environment in our marriage a happy day?