Giving Punishment To Children

Parenting - Children with all his behavior sometimes make mistakes. Moreover, children usually have not been able to think rationally. Naughty or do not fit with what we want. Especially if the child has a brother who can be said to age.
For children who age normally they often quarreled. But should we give punishment to the child? Or we as parents let alone a child's behavior like that. Punishment to the child, sometimes we need to give when children make mistakes repeatedly. Various forms of punishment, ranging from a warning to corporal punishment that are not to hurt but to provide a deterrent effect. One we can do is tickling technique. Usually the kids would laugh if feel amused, now we can tickle the soles of the feet while providing an understanding that what he did was wrong and they should do this or that. Let as parents we have to be wise in terms of parenting to children.