Wedding Souvenir

If you are in the wedding preparations, wedding souvenir are usually included in the list we have to prepare well. But should this wedding souvenir worth something expensive? So what are the requirements for a wedding gift? Neyna Naya, owner Satu Garis Craft said that the wedding gift does't have to be expensive, but the wedding souvenir must meet two mandatory elements, namely: 1. use value 2. beauty Problems expensive and inexpensive depending on the bride and groom, if you want a cheap wedding souvenirs, but it meets the two main elements of the yes please, but if the wedding gift that we want to have use value, beautiful, but expensive, if sufficient budget available so please go ahead.
If you have a talent in art and have a lot of time, want to try to make to make DIY wedding souvenir are also very good. We can save expenses. However, if it is felt not enough time entrusted only to a professional. Don't be tempted cheap price but choose a wedding gift that we do not have a use value and will end up in the trash. Considering the wedding is just one beautiful moment we also have to give something memorable to the guests in attendance. Congratulations preparing for wedding.