Dispose of the Far-Away Stress

Stress is not always too bad. Stress also can trigger excitement. However, excessive stress has become a source of disease. Among the problems that arise such as cracked lips, loss of appetite, the same relationship of loved ones also disturbed, out of focus with activity. In addition, stress also is not good for health and beauty. Among trigger acne, accelerate the emergence of signs of aging in the form of wrinkles, nail damage and hair loss. In order for us far away from stress, there are tips that can be done:
Dipose of the far-away stress
1. Create a plan
We can record all important and set a time schedule as possible. Do not let anyone behind. In this way we will be better prepared to face our activities with the plan.
2. Prioritizing is important
Meet all the needs of the body, such as sports, refreshing also important).
3. Dare to say no
We're the one who best know our own capabilities. If we had been unable to do not say it could.
4. Record problems
If we have problem do not forget to record it Agara we can improve and do not dissolve in the problem.