Tips for Overcoming Bloated Stomach

It must be very unpleasant if you're currently experiencing bloated stomach. Automatic self-confidence decreases when we come out with a distended belly. Now for the confidence back up, there are tips that can be done.

Tips for Overcoming Bloated Stomach:

Distended abdomen due to accumulated fat in the abdomen. To fix this we can do sports that rely on the stomach, such as situp. Perform regular situp at least 10 minutes a day.

To cope with bloated stomachs we can do with natural ingredients. You can boil ten pieces of bay leaves with two glasses of water. Once boiled, the water was drunk.

Eat fibrous foods. Distended abdomen due to accumulation of fat in addition can also be caused by bowel movements are not smooth, causing dirt to accumulate. Consumption of vegetables and fruits are also very good to deal with it.

Do not like to eat late at night and do not fall asleep right after eating. Do the activity first before deciding to sleep.