Tips for Bargain Prices

It's nice if the shop to have this bid and low prices. But not all of us who get the price as expected. As a woman it seems we must be good for a bargain price. Well yes what can we do to get an appropriate price? Here are tips on bargain price that can be done.

1.Survey Price
Before shopping, first survey the market price of goods to be purchased. You can find the market price of asking friends or directly from stu store to another store. If you do not have time to check the option price from the internet can be done.
2. Fresh half price
Feel free to bargain for half the price. From this half-price day we can raise the price little by little. This is done so that we get no price is too high.
3. No doubt
Now, when mentioning numbers, we must believe without hesitation. You may mention the price with a firm voice, not slow and hesitant. If we hesitate, sellers know if we just lip service only.
4. Cultural approach
This one is important affairs. We can use the same language with the traders when offering goods. If you can not use the language of your host can invite friends who can speak the region. Rest assured with this you will get more skewed prices.
5. Remain polite
Allowed to bid. But what we need to consider bargaining was politely not with a harsh tone or underestimate the merchant.
6. Know Sok Sok Close
The trick with chat invites the merchant. You can ask the market situation, what is the best-selling goods, or goods what is most recent. If you can take care of the seller, surely we will be given a special price.
7. Do not show if you really want the goods on offer
If you've bid twice but the merchant was firm with the price it offers, you should just go. Usually if the seller was still a profit from the price you ask they will call him back.

Happy shopping, hope you get a sideways price with good quality.