If Abnormal Menstruation

Abnormal menstrual can make us uneasy. This abnormal shape varies from irregular menstrual cycle, blood volume that is too much or too little or painful menstruation is very terrible. Here's menstrual problems and handling.

Irregular menstrual cycles
Normal menstrual cycles from the first day of menstruation until the first day of the month following menstruation is about 21 to 40 days. Averaging around 28 days. The main factor affecting whether or not the normal menstrual cycle is a hormonal condition of the body. If the endocrine glands (glands that produce the hormone estrogen) in the body is not working properly then it will affect the amount of estrogen produced. Instability that affects the amount of this hormone disorder lack the cycle to be longer or shorter. This instability is also sometimes caused by nutritional deficiencies, the influence of diet because of junk food and too often consume MSG, too active, stress, the influence of chronic disease. If you feel disturbed menstrual cycle not due because it should perform a physical examination and laboratory to check the disturbances which occurred in the ovaries or uterus.

Excessive pain
Menstrual pain occurs because the unbalance amount of the hormone estrogen to progesterone in the reproductive system. To reduce pain arising compress the abdomen and back with a bottle of warm water. Also reduce the consumption of foods high salinity.

Menstruation too much or too little
Normally the volume of blood in normal menstruation is 20-80 cc. Excessive bleeding (more than 10 days) we may suffer from menorrhagia caused by hormonal imbalance. Excess blood that comes out to be one of mild symptoms of tumors or polyps in the uterine wall. However, if blood volume is less commonly caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or lack of rest because of illness or pain. To anticipate reduce unhealthy living habits.