Between Traditional and Modern Marriage

Well, congratulations for your happy day that will establish a household in the palace. Weddings, becomes both beautiful and things that will make excited to plus busy. How not all couples want to look perfect (yes to, the girls want to be the most beautiful while the most handsome want to look happy when the day is present). That's why before this sacred event arrives, the various preparations to be prepared. One major concern is the theme of the wedding preparations and wedding gowns.

If you and your family also agreed to choose a traditional wedding theme, there are nuances that are presented separately from this traditional theme. Inevitably, traditional bridal dress is unique. That is the uniqueness of each region in the world, especially in the homeland, Indonesia. However, traditional marriage has a very long series. In that sense, marriage according to local custom (still remember the wedding brother who wore a traditional wedding held up to three days). Usually in a traditional wedding, the wedding speech delivery using the local language.
Traditional gown from Sumatera Barat, Indonesia
For the modern wedding theme, a series of events that do are more relaxed than at a traditional wedding. Not using traditional circuit as usual. This marriage was more impressed loose but still pleasant and not reducing the sanctity of a happy day. Can be done in the park or elsewhere that you feel romantic.

Modern Gown
Wedding dresses for both traditional and modern wedding can be purchased, leased or designed themselves. To design your own will probably need more time than you buy or rent an existing one.