Woman and Poligamy

Still in the atmosphere of the celebration of 100th internasional woman's day that carries the theme of Equal acces to educational, training and science and technology: Pathway to decent work for woman, makes me want to once raised the issue that is often debated, poligamy. If we look back perhaps dont have woman in this world who want affection given to her to be devided. In the two choice between poligamy or faithful i think all woman in the world would choose to faithful. But how things happened and we see today?

Woman over this if it is associated with poligamy, are more likely to exist on the part of the weak and most can not say the word NO. Reflecting on poligamy cases that occur, woman have always been the aggrieved party, injured. Many things will be felt and har to think about the woman if her husband chose to poligamy. Starting from the hurt feelings that until a child psychologist who will take effect if the parent poligamy. Most children will spend time together at home with his mother, if you see the mental state of poligamy children will also be affected. What more labels that will stick and this of course growing scorn among children. Too naive if it is caused by the father or husband there are many people who sacrificed. Not infrequently also poligamy woman who experienced physical violence, because life is often marred by quarrels. Should because it follows the worldly passions, wives and even children to be hurt. Happy felt like t be in a big smile in the other room while the wife in another room or at home the others wives and children weep bitterly? difficult was it to bury a litte passion for the sake of harmonious whole family's dream of heaven?

But if the woman was happy physically and spiritually, they also can develop. Develop in the science and other things and not be confined within a family matter that takes time to think about it.

*Only the writings of a woman who always wanted to faithful, because i think at the present time there is no justification for poligamy as well as performed at the time of the prophet first, especially as woman we are in the healthy condition.
Happy woman's day