Prevent Breast Cancer With Broccoli

As women we are required to can work well. To support this activity very much absolute health must be maintained. However, as women sometimes we are always overshadowed by a pretty deadly disease, cancer. Especially breast cancer enough concern to many women in this world.

However, at least now we can breathe easily. Due to a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise at least we can reduce and abstain from breast cancer. Yes, it seems as woman we must draw closer to green vegetables Especially broccoli. This curly green vegetables is believed to prevent or reduce the negative effects of free radicals that cause cancer. What makes the curls are to be special?

Broccoli contains sulforaphane a lot that can kill cancer cells and prevent this malignant disease developed or spread. Broccoli is high in vitamin C and fiber that can keep arteries healthy and can reverse the damage caused by diabetes to heart blood vessels.

Because of the many benefits of this broccoli as women are expected to consume broccoli in a variety of processed each day. A lot of preparations that we can do to broccoli them with steam or saute or frying by using flour.