Roses and Their Benefits

Who is not familiar with the most beautiful roses? Flowers are a symbol of this love was not only superior in shape. Besides having a wide range of colors and has a meaning for different roses have many benefits in the areas of health and beauty. This benefit is obtained because roses have chemicals that are very good such as tannin, nerol, geraniol, geranik acid, flavonoids, vanillin, carotenoids, farnesol and vitamins such as vitamin C, B, E and vitamin K.

Benefits rose in beauty

Roses can tighten skin, reduce wrinkles and acne scars to overcome. Digunkan roses are white roses. That's why roses are encouraged to include in a series of facial treatments, such as clean your face with rose water or rose water added to the mask. In addition, roses are also used to nourish hair and reduce hair loss. Roses are also used as aromatherapy to relieve the level of tension due to stress. 

Benefits roses to health
There are so many roses in the field of health benefits, including:
1. As a regulator of menstruation. Of course this is very useful for a period not pass each month. In addition, roses are also efficacious to overcome menstrual pain.
2. Cure infection
3. Lower heat
4. Anti Seizure
5. Hacking cough
6. Measles
7. Ovarium down

Of the various benefits of roses seem more benefits for women. How lucky woman because many plants that exist in nature which can be made to keep healthy.