Teach Children To Say Thank

Thank you is the greatest form of appreciation but does not require a fee. Habits that one is very good, but not everyone can do this habit. To be this good practice can be applied, must be taught early on to children. Children are like blank tapes which if filled with good things will result in good things too. How do I teach from an early age thanks to the child?

Start with yourself
These good habits should be exemplified from yourself to the children. Always remember to say thank you to everyone who has given good. Both the good of both small and great kindness should be rewarded. For example if the waitress came to bring food, say thank you even though they actually have a duty to serve us.

When children in the womb
Children who are in the womb also have to teach us to be thankful. Exemplifies both directly and talk to her, although still in the stomach. Not only is played with the holy verses and the music is very good for brain development of children but you also can teach good things to him, including teaching practice to be thankful for this.

When children grow
Teach your child to thank his colleagues who have been good to him or to his father who had given him a beautiful thing. Always remind children to be thankful if he forgets. This one thing if it can usually it is not difficult to pass if child is growing up.

Come on mom, be the best teachers to teach kindness to children.