Milk Pie Crispy

Enjoy the evening with a special dish taste will give more happiness in the midst of the family. You can make a milk pie crispy and certainly delicious.
Milk pie crispy recipe
400 grams flour
230 grams margarine
Vanilla powder
400 ml sweetened condensed milk (i use 1 can Frisiant Flag)
400 ml of water (same with 1 can FF)
4 Eggs
4 tablespoons maizena

Vanilla powder

How to use
Mix flour and margarine, vanilla, egg until well blendeed and smooth, printed with the pie printing, set aside.
mix milk, water, egg, vanilla and maizena until well blended (not whipped).
Pour contents into a pie that has printed and bake with temperature of 150 degrees Celcius to approxymately 50 minutes. After cooking, remove from mold. Milk pie crispy is ready to serve. More delicios again when put in the refrigenator first.