Causes of Bloated Stomach

If you are not currently in the process of having children, it has a bloated stomach becomes a big problem. How not other than unhealthy, bloated stomach too disturbing appearance. Perhaps if you are having a great body potbelly is a problem that often overshadow. However the there is also a normal weight but have a distended abdomen. So, what exactly is the cause og bloated stomatch?

Sleeping after eating
Perhaps this one habit we often do. But sleeping after eating is so not good. Because in addition to causing bloated stomach can also cause us exposed to the disease diabetes.

Eating late at night
Eating at the top at 7 pm should be avoided. But if forced to eat, sleep should be at least two hours after dinner.

Poor Sports
If we lack of exercise, burning fat in the body will also be small. consequently accumulate fat in the abdomen. This causes the belly bulge. To fix this you can do cardio exercise to sit up.

Past the hour meal
These tactics always backfire. Past the hour to eat, then you will be very hungry that will make you eat larger portions. Fat also will find its way into the belly for storage. We recommend that you eat in small portions every three to four hours. Instead, eat only once but in large portions, because it will just make the stomach look big.

Avoiding bread
You really should avoid white bread (white bread). However, for wheat bread, you should consume on a regular basis. This is because the content in the wheat allowing insulin levels rise gradually rather than directly, thereby reducing the possibility of increased abdominal fat.

Only eat vegetables
Women often avoid the consumption of meat, dairy products or fish, because of the high fat content. Then, preferring only vegetables or fruits for consumption. Although vegetables and fruits are healthy foods, but keep in mind meat, fish and dairy products contain high protein. Proteins can enhance the metabolic process and avoid accumulation of fat in the abdomen. Choose healthy proteins, such as low-fat milk or marine fish.