The types of pasta

There are many types of pasta are available, but there are three major groups that are typically used. Here are the types of pasta and how to cook it.

Fresh pasta
type of pasta is usually made with egg mixture. It can make yourself at home or can be purchased at specialty stores that provide food Italian. Examples of these include fresh pasta: grocchi, spinach lasagna or spinach tagliatelle. What makes this different from any other pasta is fresh pasta should be cooked immediately. Maximum of two or three hours after created. But if you do not want to use them directly can dry. This pasta is dry when stored in the refrigerator can hold up to several months. Fresh pasta processing and cook faster than dried pasta.

Stuffed pasta
Pasta is pasta that has not been cooked. Usually contains a mixture of cheese and meat. This type of pasta is a common type is the cannelloni and ravioli. Another type is the tortellini, cappeletti or manicotti.

Dried pasta
Pasta is a dried pasta that is very diverse types and shapes. Examples ranging from fetucini, spaghetti, penne until macaroni. Pasta young even this kind we find in the super market or grocery store Italian. This type of pasta can stand in a long time if we put in a sealed container. When the cook that we need to consider is this dried pasta will change to four times larger than the size of dryness.