Stress and Amenorrhoea

Amenorrhoea is the absence of the menstrual cycle in women. Many problems related to menstruation in women. That is why women deserves appreciation because of weight problems that will confront this. Amenorrhoea is one that will disrupt the cycle in women. There is another complaint that will be faced such as menstrual pain that pain is not playing. To be completely healthy women are required to distance themselves from stress. So if there is a relationship between stress and amenorrhea?

Amenorrhoea are grouped into two:
1. Primary amenorrhea (menstrual cycles never arise).
2. Secondary amenorrhea (menstrual cycles take place normally, but suddenly stopped due to certain reasons over the past 12 months and even more).

This condition would be perfectly normal if you have not legally reverse engineer, was pregnant, while breastfeeding, and menopause which would not be menstruating.

Amenorrhea is caused by:
1. Stress is bothering you.
2. Disruption of thyroid and pituitary gland function.
3. Impaired ovarian function.
4. Weight and excessive exercise.
5. Your weight below average.
6. Chronic disease.
7. Experiencing hormonal imbalance.
8. Eating certain drugs such as pills and other contraceptives.

From the above causes can be seen stress cause the most problems arise for amenorrhoea. For this reason, women should not be familiarizing yourself with the names of stress for the monthly menstrual cycle to pass.