Crab Soup: Easy and Nutritious

Last night, with Mom making crab soup. Incidentally my mother to the market in the afternoon and bought 3 heads of crab. For production is easy we both agreed to make the soup course. Moreover Pekanbaru weather is a bit cold after the rain. The following recipe crab soup version me and Mom.

Crab Soup

3 heads of crab (each cut in half)
Bay leaves
Lime leaves
Green onion (sliced)
Parsley (sliced)
Seasoning soup (one pack)
Sufficient water
Oil for sauteing
Chopped tomatoes

boiled crab joint leaves and seasoning soup. To boil it briefly, do not forget to be salt and seasonings. Place separate saute onion and parsley leaves, after the scent add to the stew crab plus tomatoes. Crab soup is ready to be served. Easy and nutritious.