Say NO to Bullier

Live quiet, peaceful and comfortable is the desire of all women with his partner. But sometimes because either one from scratch or from one in the middle, we see male oppressors (bullier). Starting from oppression through words to physical oppression carried out. So should we remain silent against bullier like this guy?

As an illustration to us all, male bullier have characteristics:
1. Unpredictable
In behaving normally they would be difficult to predict. They could have not responded yet unexpectedly suddenly exploded in front of us. This can lead to long arguments. You would never have guessed when this pair will behave excessively.
2. Often taunted with scathing comments
If they are unhappy will try to ridicule with scathing comments. Of course this will hurt our cause. But when we respond to ridicule, they will argue if only joking.
3. Big angry if we do not think
Usually men like this just want to wish obeyed. However, there are times also when his desires are not met he will be ignored and you inhabit.
4. Often threatened
Sentences are often the threat posed by a man with this type of oppression. If you are married they will threaten with the words of divorce, does not provide for or would take away the children. Of course, this threat will harm the wife. But if you're still dating, maybe the words "End" is frequently leveled.

What actions can we do about male oppressors? We must dare to say "NO." Speak disagreement over the action they did this. What should I do if I get a man with a type like this (bullier):
1. If you have a family, help her to get out of this suppression. However, if deemed difficult, parted for a while. If this can not be changed, perhaps forever split decision may be considered.
2. If you're still in a relationship closeness
You too can help to slow, but if you still can not be changed, making their own way may be the right thing. Say NO to Bullier.