Tips for Organizing Content Fridge

Refrigerator becomes a friend of the mothers at home. This is because the refrigerator into a preservative for household materials. By entering the food or food ingredients to the refrigerator so the food will hold approximately a few days. In addition, by entering the food into the refrigerator it will further add to the taste sensation of feeling cold. That's why the refrigerator is often likened to market themselves to the household. It turned out that durability depends on the setting contents of the refrigerator. But sometimes the problem is in terms of the arrangement of the fridge. How to organize the contents of the refrigerator is good, the following tips.

Tips for arranging the contents of the refrigerator

If the refrigerator contains a variety of fruits you should be able to choose to separate the fruits, especially apples. This is because apples can produce gas that can damage or make other fruits become rotten fast.
For tomatoes and cucumbers should we store separately. This is because these vegetables to produce gas that can make quick cucumber smell. For vegetables, we can save radish radish in a container with a little water, it is to remain fresh horseradish.
For meat either beef or chicken and fish, we can store it in the freezer. This is so the meat can be long lasting and odorless.

Before storing eggs in the refrigerator there are things that need our attention. Eggs should we wash first so that germs and dirt are also not carried and spread it in the refrigerator and allow spread to the entire contents of the refrigerator. We can put an egg with a pointed position on the bottom.

Solve odor
The problems that this one is often struck the contents of our refrigerator, a bad odor. To overcome that we can use odor absorbent sold in the market. For foods that have a noticeable scent, we can store it in a tight sealed container. It is for this pungent smell tidka spread and left in the refrigerator. You can also use a natural way with potatoes. Here's how: cut the potatoes several pieces and place on the corner of the refrigerator. But these potato pieces can we replace every three days. If you choose to put attractive containers. This allows us to more easily manage it in the refrigerator. In addition to compile them in beautiful containers are closed, we also do not damage food or food in the refrigerator.