Tips to Overcome Forgetful Habit

Yesterday in the office, my boss frantically looking for her cell phone somewhere where he placed. Not just once, she frantically looking for her stuff. That habit of forgetfulness that is still not able replacement. Actually, this habit can be stopped, if you want. Tips to overcome forgetful habit.

Forgetfulness is not the situation that we want, but forgetfulness can be overcome by two things:

Overcoming forget from within
We can consume the food is very good to improve the ability to remember. Foods that improve memory are: salmon, nuts, processed products such as butter beans, wheat, berry group, beef (but without fat), milk and colored vegetables especially green vegetables.

Overcoming forget from outside
To overcome this forgetful habit from the outside, we can note the important things in a special book. From there we can see all the things we usually forget. Other things that are often forgotten are the mobile phone and keys. To fix this we can put these important things in one particular place. When we forget where we put them directly to look at this special place. Checking is mandatory we do. It did not take long to check these important matters. In addition we also have to exercise, due to excellent condition will improve memory and concentration as well us.

Hopefully with the anticipation that we do both from within and from outside does not make us forgetful.