Tips For Increasing Milk Production

Breastfeeding is an enjoyable activity. Breastfeeding mother is desperately needed by the child as the main nutrient in the body. Giving the baby exclusively breast milk is very useful for your child's growth. However,  sometimes the production of milk produced few and far from that needed by the baby. In order to increase breast milk there are tips that we can do.

Tips For Increasing Milk Production
Consumption of fruit and vegetables
Many also consume green vegetables and fruits can increase milk production. Green vegetables which can be consumed to increase milk production this leaves katu (Saurapus androgynus Merr). Katu leaves can be found all around us, because it is usually easy to grow in the yard. In addition to eating leaves katu, increase the consumption of nuts is also highly recommended. Nuts, especially green beans can add milk production. You can consume 2 cups mashed green beans in a day. All kinds of fresh fruit sold in the market can you eat, especially dates and also the green papaya that has been cooked in advance and can you make as a vegetable. Try vegetables that we eat is not too long in the cooking process. The best way to cook by eating raw or steam it with a time not too long. With increasing milk production, then automatically you can give exclusive breastfeeding for the baby.

Empty milk after consumption
The more often then produsi breast milk issue will also be getting more. But there are times when breast milk can not be excluded everything, because it probably issued before the milk runs out or the consumption of the child, this baby We was already asleep. To outsmart, you can pump breast milk until exhausted. Wherever possible, water should run out of milk after the baby is finished feeding. Because after that milk will be produced by even more. This can be done every time your baby is finished nursing.

Try to relaxed and calm
Psychologically, the condition of the mother is very influential on milk production which will be issued for the little guy. Do not be quick to think that breast milk to be issued is not enough for your baby, because this will make the same psychological condition is not good. Perhaps to convince the mother that breast milk is produced sufficient for the needs of the child, the husband's role is very important to provide support to the wife. A good psychological condition of a mother will increase the milk. Because it is always relaxed and calm.

Breast Massage
Massage is done around the breast to stimulate the muscles and also hormones around the breast. In addition to massage around the breast, to facilitate milk production did also compressing it with warm water followed by compression with cold water. Do alternately, and do it regularly.

Consult with your doctor
You and your husband can visit lactation clinics to consult on problems resulting lack of milk production. Do not hesitate, and embarrassed to ask this one thing. This will usually be a last resort after various ways have been made, but milk production is still fairly low. You can find out more on why the low milk production. Usually in consultation with the doctor, it will get the exact cause of why milk production is low and will be given advice and drug use other herbs. But usually the problems that often arise from lack of mother's milk production is due to the frequency of breast-feeding a child who is less because of the frequent baby feeding for milk production is also growing.