Wedding Meal Menu

To deliver a memorable event at a wedding reception one that gets our attention is the food that we present. Dishes for a wedding reception is not a perfunctory meal. There are things we have to consider before presenting dish reception. What are the considerations for preparing meals wedding reception?

It should be considered in preparing a wedding reception meal
1. we present a dish that will be resistant and not easily spoiled
we can choose menu that are not durable and quickly stale. For example: rendang, beef jerky, Balado fried chicken, chicken seasoning or cooking that are dry.
2. present menu of nutritious and varied cuisine. In the event a happy day like this we must also entertain guests with a healthy menu. No need with many diverse menu clear need for four healthy fulfilled. But we can provide two alternative because not all the guests that we invite like eating meat or chicken. Therefore, we can provide a menu of fish.

So what can the menu of dishes that we serve at a wedding reception?
1. It's become a tradition in our country if the wedding reception banquet presents rice. That's why the menu side dish that can we present are:
a. Side core. Usually consist of beef, lamb, chicken mapun fish. Menu dish reception which is usually made is rendang, beef jerky, chicken Balado, chicken seasoning or fried fish Balado.
b. Side support: various preparations tempeh, tofu, small fish and eggs.
c. Vegetables: vegetables here can be either raw vegetables or vegetables that have been processed either berkuah translucent, stir-fry and coconut milk.
d. Crackers. Crackers are delicious used as a complementary dish. Crackers are usually widely used is also crackers shrimp crackers and chips.
2. Sate
Serving grilled this one is quite attractive. There are a variety of kebabs that can be presented ranging from beef satay, chicken satay, lamb satay, satay satay even padeh wrap (spicy satay).
3. Soto
Soto is a food was composed of laksa gravy, bean sprouts, chicken meat that has been torn apart, given the green onion and parsley, sometimes wearing bean and given a special sauce.
4. Egypt Martabak
5. Roti Jala
Especially for those using traditional malay bread usually nets with durian sauce is not overlooked.
Congratulations to prepare dishes for the reception. Hopefully you prepare memorable meals for guests in attendance.