Train Your Child For Not Wetting

Oops, the kids still like to bedwetting? If kids his age are still very small taste bedwetting is not a problem. But if he was already started growing it feels uncomfortable to see them still wet. Let mother, anticipating the child bedwetting. What are ya can we do to train your child for not wetting?

Early toilet training
We can tell where the waste water to the child. Try before children go to school they have first pee. Do not be lazy to accompany the child's bowel movements, do not wait until they are dying for a pee.

Consumption of drinking your child should also be regulated
Do not let them drink too much which causes them to urinate frequently.

Remind children to always talk if you want to pee
Children should be accustomed to speak and express his desire to urinate. Hence we not infrequently hear many parents say to their children over and over again "if you want to pee say yes dear. "

Familiarize the child to urinate before sleep
Encourage the kids to pee before bed. Remind them also if at any time they want to urinate into the toilet for bowel movements. Usually things that bedwetting children are afraid to go back. You can tell the kids "if you want to go to the toilet afraid to go there, you can wake mama to be with you".