The Kinds Of Tofu

Indonesia is famous for its culinary variety. One of the foods that get a place in the hearts of Indonesian society is to tofu. Many creative dishes that can be made from tofu. Ranging from side dishes to snacks. But turns out also has a diverse species. What kind of knew that there are in Indonesia or even in the world?

The kinds of tofu

White Tofu
Tofu this type typically have a solid form. The shape varies from large to small. To know this is usually used for frying, made sweet, marinated tofu or made to mix aqueous food

Yellow Tofu
usually tofu this kind of solid or collectively, the knew piety. Because the density is more than the idea of white when cut out these types are not easily destroyed.

Silk Tofu
Called out as a very fine silk. Tofu this kind of white. Because of the softness of tofu, usually when sold immersed in a container filled with water and tofu that in it submerged.

Pong Tofu
Tofu it's solid form. His trademark dry when fried, then there will be a cavity therein. To serve, usually presented in the form of fried or used for watering cuisine.

Dry Tofu / Skin Tofu
Usually if we are going to use it we need to soak first so soft. Usually expressed in an aqueous or dishes made snacks.

All kinds of tofu that there are equally delicious if prepared properly. Also tofu that also contain high nutritional value.