Cooking tips: Overcoming Salinity Cuisine

Many women want clever process food in the kitchen. No exception of mothers and girls. But what is often an obstacle is fear that if food is processed it becomes very salty. Moreover, a growing stigma in the community if the dish is too salty is a sign of want to get married. Well, how do if a cooking time that we produce salt? The following tips to cope with salinity cuisine.
Tips to overcome salinity cuisine
1. Take a piece of cucumber, then you enter into these salt dishes.
2. You can add the potatoes, for saltiness absorbed by the potato
3. Also you can add squash
4. If you water cuisine can add water or coconut milk
5. If the dishes can be added to stir cornstarch solution

It's no longer scared her to experiment in the kitchen? Bringing delicious cuisine for loved ones. Happy cooking.