Green Wedding (Eco-Friendly Wedding)

Green wedding or also known as eco-friendly wedding is an effort to save the environment that we can do as an appreciation for the environment. Indeed, this is not an easy thing if we are less concerned about the environment, but with great determination that this will all we can do. What can we do to give a little concern for the environment in our marriage a happy day?

Choose a wedding outdoors
This is to reduce the use of air conditioning use. If the reception is outdoors we will be more use of natural cooling (breeze). We can do a garden party. Besides saving for air conditioning, we also will reduce the use of flowers that are picked, because the decor which can be used directly from nature.

Select an invitation from recycled paper
Who says recycled paper is not attractive? actually there is one characteristic that is displayed from recycled paper with a model that has many variations. One thing to get attention in the making of this wedding invitation is, make sure the entire contents of the invitation is correct before printing. This is to reduce use of paper. If there are errors, the paper will automatically use more.

Give a souvenir from processed recycled
Besides its lower price, there is uniqueness that produced from recycled goods this. Be sure also to be given this souvenir is a souvenir that has value in order for the audience not just a sweetener in the series of reception.

Care for the environment is not difficult is not it? ready to create green wedding as a tangible manifestation of love for the environment?