The History and Philosophy Of Rendang

Rendang is a dish which originated from the West Sumatera of Indonesia. Rendang is a traditional dish using coconut milk and beef as main ingredient and is equipped with coconut milk, pepper, onion, turmeric leaves and lime leaves. Rendang is also mentioned in many classical Malay literature such as Hikayat Amir Hamzah who proves he is a Malay cuisine since the 1550's.The longer the rendang is cooked it will taste more delicious and the colors will be more black and will increasingly dry.
Rendang is a dish that not only taste delicious, more than that rendang has a philosophy.This philosophy is seen from the material elements of the cuisine and cooking rendang. There are four philosophies contained in  rendang in Minang Kabau society, namely:

1. The first philosophy derived from Dagiang (meat). The meat used in the manufacture of rendang, which comes from beef. Meat is a symbol of "Ninik Mamak" which is the traditional tribal leaders in West Sumatra.
2. The second philosophy derived from Karambia (coconut). Coconut is a symbol of intellectual (the intellectuals).
3. The third philosophy derived from Lado (chili), which is a symbol of the scholars, the spicy and assertive in teaching religion.
4. The last philosophy is cooking (spices) that symbolizes the whole of society Minang.

At the present time, this rendang cuisine creations will progressively expand. Not only rendang dishes made from beef (beef rendang), which become food delicious, but the rendang jackfruit (rendang Cubadak), rendang egg, potato rendang, rendang lung even more creation. Well, you do not necessarily have to come into the field to enjoy the delicious cuisine rendang, because you can make at home. The longer the rendang is cooked, it will taste more delicious. Beef rendang, a practical will last longer than other rendang.